What is Babaco and how can you eat it (Main Features)

Qué es el Babaco

The babaco is a fruit very similar to papaya. Its scientific name is Carica pentagona or Vasconcellea × heilbornii, with a citrus and refreshing flavor.  It is considered an exotic fruit because it allows a pleasant sensation on the palate of those who taste it through its flavor, which is viewed as a combination between pineapple and papaya. … Read more

What is durian and what is it for?

Qué es el Durián

The durian is a very peculiar exotic fruit, born from a tree called Durio sivthynusm, which, depending on the species, can measure approximately 25 and 39 meters. Durian is native to Southeast Asia. There are various opinions on the part of those who have tried it, particularly the natives who call it “the king of fruits” … Read more

What is a Rose apple: Main features explained

What is rose apple

It is an arboreal tree scientifically known as Syzygium Jambos from the Myrtaceae family. Still, colloquially it has varieties of names such as pomalaca, pomo, and Malay apple, and in some Latin American countries, it is known as pomagas or pomarrosa.  This extraordinary fruit of various names originally comes from the Asian continent. In fact, the rumors say … Read more

What is Pitahaya and What is it for

What is pitahaya

The pitahaya, or dragon fruit, is considered an exotic wonder – despite being little known due to the number of benefits it brings. Likewise, its varied appearance makes it more striking, an aromatic fruit complemented with a sweet and pleasant taste on the palate. Pitahaya can be used for multiple purposes, including promoting weight loss, helping to treat … Read more

What is a Limequat and how do you use it

What is a limequat

Limequat is a hybrid fruit born from the cross between kumquat and lime. It is a relatively unknown fruit that belongs to the genus Citrofortunella and the family of Rutaceae plants. Limequat is an explosion of flavors, properties, and nutrients, which we will show you today. This genus between Citrus and Fortunella contains the best of its mother … Read more

What is Calamondin or Calamansi (Definitive Guide)

What is Calamondin

Calamondin, also called calamansi, is a citrus fruit belonging to the Family of Rutaceae plants. It is a hybrid cross between kumquat and mandarin (another citrus), so they have called it Citrus x microcarpa. It has acidic pulp like lemon and a lovely sweet skin. Calamondins are characterized by fragile skin and tiny segments, which are incredibly juicy, aromatic, … Read more

What is Ambarella or Golden Apple, and how can be used

What is ambarella

This fruit belongs to the Anacardiaceae family, known scientifically as Spondias Dulcis. Other names are June plum, golden apple, or cythere. It is a tropical tree with edible fruits of a high export percentage. The harvesting occurs between September and mid-January. In 2018, experts made a Reference Guide of Exotic Frits published in Science Direct. They affirm that this … Read more

What are Kumquats and what are they for?

What are kumquats

Kumquat is a very peculiar little citrus fruit and little known by some cultures, except for Asian and European culture.  This fruit comes from China and receives many names apart from Kumquats for example quinoto orange, chuikan or kinkan. Its scientific name is Fortunella Crassifolia. These orange trees are so small that you can fit twenty of them in … Read more

What is Camu Camu, and what does it serve for?

What is camu camu

Scientifically this fruit is known as Myrciaria dubia. It is rich in vitamin C, even richer than lemon. This plant grows in humid areas and even on the banks of rivers. This fruit is seasonal and can usually be found in greater abundance between February to June and from October to November.  It should be … Read more

What is Pequi and what is it for?

What is pequi

Brazilian Caryocar is the scientific name of this strange fruit called, pequi or souari nut.  Pequi is derived from the word “pyqui” which means shell and hawthorn. It is a plant-flower species from Cerrado, Brazil. Other names given to this fruit are thorny chestnut, piqui, cashew and jigua. The souari nut is a typical and popular fruit … Read more