How to Grow Pequi (Plant care and Harvesting)

How to grow pequi

The pequi or souari nut is native to Cerrado, Brazil and grows naturally wherever this type of vegetation is found. Ecologically, the species plays an important role in the composition of the cerrado. The fruits and seeds are overexploited due to their wide uses, especially in the use of natural and edible oils.  The pequi tree has … Read more

What is Pequi and what is it for?

What is pequi

Brazilian Caryocar is the scientific name of this strange fruit called, pequi or souari nut.  Pequi is derived from the word “pyqui” which means shell and hawthorn. It is a plant-flower species from Cerrado, Brazil. Other names given to this fruit are thorny chestnut, piqui, cashew and jigua. The souari nut is a typical and popular fruit … Read more