How to Grow Camu Camu (Ultimate Guide)

Cultivar el Camu Camu

It is a tropical fruit native to the Amazon area of Peru. However, it is found in other regions and countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia. It is considered the best natural source of vitamin C, even above oranges and lemons. This plant generally tends to be shrubby and constitutes a resource of … Read more

Camu Camu Side effects you need to know

Contraindicaciones del camu camu

Generally, when exotic fruits are consumed, it does not generate any consequences for the body. However, when manifesting an excessive consumption of it if it can be counterproductive depending on the high intake of its prolonged properties. Primarily this fruit is attributed to certain damages that can cause to the body, especially to people with stomach … Read more

Discover the best Camu Camu Scrubs

Exfoliantes de camu camu

Exfoliants are cosmetic products that are used for regeneration and enhancing skin cells. In addition, it allows the epidermis to breathe, eliminating what is known as dead skin. When it comes to skin regeneration, reference is made to the health condition outside the body, which must enjoy good energy since this is the human body’s … Read more

What is Camu Camu, and what does it serve for?

What is camu camu

Scientifically this fruit is known as Myrciaria dubia. It is rich in vitamin C, even richer than lemon. This plant grows in humid areas and even on the banks of rivers. This fruit is seasonal and can usually be found in greater abundance between February to June and from October to November.  It should be … Read more