How to prepare a Kumquat Tanghulu for the perfect candy

tanghulu con Kumquats

Kumquats are exotic fruits, not only for their appearance but for how they are eaten, since you can eat them in various fun ways. One of them we will see today is an excellent recipe for a famous candy called Kumquat Tanghulu.  Kumquat tanghulu is an exquisite sweet native to northern China. This recipe has become very popular … Read more

How to make Kumquat Muffins (recipe)

Kumquat muffins

Being citrus with a sweet peel, we can give it a variety of culinary uses. And this time, we will taste an exquisite recipe of muffins with kumquat as the main ingredient. These delicious mini cupcakes are a great option to snack in the afternoons with your family or as lunch for children at school. You can … Read more

Rhubarb soup with tomato and kumquat Recipe

Rhubarb soup with tomato and kumquat

This rich and delicious soup has a spectacular flavor and is ideal for sharing with the family. It serves for lunch or dinner as an accompaniment to the main dish or simply as the main plate, as the case may be.  This recipe will explain each of the ingredients you need, their preparation step by … Read more

How to make a Kumquat Soup with Carrots

Kumquat Soup with Carrot

If you are one of the people who love carrots and especially kumquat or would like to try a combination of both, then this recipe is for you. The mixture of flavors between the carrot with one of the smallest citrus fruits, kumquat, is undoubtedly fantastic.  This soup is a balance between kumquats and one … Read more

How to make a Kumquat Jam

Kumquat Jam

Kumquat is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable fruits among citrus fruits. It is also an excellent option if we want to make jam until the that’s why it’s common in European markets, such as Spain and France. The jam is easy to make at home and economical since you do not need many ingredients and is … Read more

How to Make Kumquat Jam with Pineapple

Kumquat Jam with Pineapple

Kumquat jam has always been an easy dish to make from home with a unique and exquisite flavor, but what if we added an extra ingredient to kumquat jam? We will discover that by following this incredible recipe for kumquat jam with pineapple, which you can taste with your whole family and spend a pleasant moment … Read more

How to Prepare a Superb Kumquat Chutney

Kumquat Chutney

Chutney is a kind of sweet and sour sauce native to Hindu culture. Its appearance and texture are similar to syrup or jam. This extraordinary food is a mixture of fruits, herbs, vegetables, sugar, and different condiments that make this dish a bomb of exotic flavors. There are different types of chutney recipes, each family in India has … Read more